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Ramik Green Bait Pack Bulk Pail Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait SureKill Dia-Py Insecticide Dust 8 oz
Ramik Green Pail of Bait Packs.

New Maxforce® FC Magnum is the most powerful cockroach bait gel ever. Whether cockroaches eat it, touch it or share it, Maxforce FC Magnum kills more roaches faster than any other single product.

Maxforce Roach Killer Bait Gels has USDA authorization for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. What's more, you can use Maxforce Gel in residential food processing areas without covering food preparation surfaces during treatment. It's also fine to use in occupied rooms of hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities.
SureKill® Dia-Py Insecticide Dust is a diatomaceous earth dust impregnated with pyrethrin and PBO to provide quick knockdown and kill with a long lasting residual. The dust controls most crawling insects, including bed bugs when used as a crack and crevice treatment, in food handling facilities, stored product, residential, commercial, agricultural and other sites as listed.
Ramik Green 4 pound bag Peanut Butter Bait Blocks CB-80 Insecticide Aerosol
Ramik Green 4 pound bag
Our Price: $20.95
Ramik Green 4 Pound Bag
  • Active ingredient: diphacinone
  • Controls Norway rats, roof rats and house mice
  • First-generation anticoagulant
  • USDA-approved
  • Use for cleanout or maintenance
  • The industry’s best-selling 0.5% pyrethrin + PBO synergist flushing and contact insecticide.

    With its 8:1 synergist to pyrethrins ratio, CB-80™ has earned an outstanding reputation for knockdown and kill of cockroaches and over 20 other pests. Ideal as a space or crack and crevice spray, CB-80 boasts a broad list of use areas, including restaurants and other food-handling establishments, food processing plants, hospitals, supermarkets, motels and hotels, residences, and transportation equipment.

    CB-80 is acetone-free, compliant with all current VOC standards and contains no ozone-depleting substances

    Viper Drain Gel - Gallon Vendetta Cockroach Gel Bait Peanut Butter Bait Blocks
    Viper Drain Gel - Gallon
    Our Price: $34.95
    Eliminate Drain Flies along with their food sources with Drain Gel. Drain Gel utilizes an advance blend of cultures and free enzymes to coat drains and cut through organic matter that drain flies use to lay their eggs. In addition, Drain Gel improves your drain flow, leaving behind a fresh scent and preventing costly blockages.
    Vendetta Cockroach Gel Bait is a high-performance gel bait containing Abamectin B1. Vendetta works on tough, hard-to-kill roach populations. Attracts both bait-averse and non-averse cockroaches. Vendetta Roach Bait is easy to handle and apply and dispenses smoothly and easily from the gel tube. The tubes also fit standard bait guns. Shelf life is 3 years or more if stored at room temperature.
    • Active ingredient: diphacinone
    • Controls Norway rats, roof rats and house mice
    • First-generation anticoagulant
    • USDA-approved
    • Use for cleanout or maintenance
    EndZone Insecticide Sticker Cynoff EC Surekill Command Blox Bromadiolone Contrac Bait
    Surekill Command Blox 18 lb.
    Our Price: $97.90
    Sale Price: $79.00
    You save $18.90!


    The little square that has big implications for your fly control accounts

    Filth flies are not just an unsightly nuisance; they can spread bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.Controlling them, however, can be quite challenging — especially in commercial kitchens and other food-handling areas where these pests can thrive. In these environments, it is critical to deliver targeted, effective and unobtrusive control measures.

    The revolutionary EndZone™ insecticide sticker from FMC has been designed to give pest professionals a totally unique filth fly service offering that’s discreet, affordable and incredibly easy to use. The first and only fly sticker of its kind in the country, EndZone delivers fast-acting, long-lasting filth fly control to both residential and commercial accounts, indoors and out.

    How Endzone Works

    EndZone discreetly delivers targeted filth fly control where it’s needed most. Here’s how:

    • Coated in a sugar bait matrix to attract filth flies
    • Formulated with 4.4% acetamiprid, the same powerful active ingredient found in Transport® Mikron™ insecticide
    • Proven to deliver knockdown of adult filth flies in just one minute
    • Remains effective for up to seven months indoors and up to four months outdoors when protected from rain, moisture,dirt, dust and filth
    • Labeled for house flies, little house flies, blow flies, bottle flies, flesh flies, phorid flies, fungus gnats and vinegar (fruit) flies
    • For best results, use one sticker per 1,000 cubic feet; use additional stickers for heavy infestations

    Cynoff EC (a.i. Cypermethrin 24.8%): Odorless liquid insecticide concentrate which leaves no visible residue. One of our favorites for eliminating roaches, ants and other household pests, with synthetic pyrethroid technology.

    Low odor cypermethrin concentration that makes up to 64 gallons of finished spray. Excellent product for the control of spiders, ants and big roaches, both inside and outside. This product has twice the amount of cypermethrin as the Demon EC pint. One quart.

    Same active as Contrac Bait
    Talstar 3/4 Gal SureKill Command Place Packs Gentrol Roach IGR 1 pint
    Talstar 3/4 Gal
    Our Price: $79.95


    Dependable insect control designed with pros in mind.

    For decades, PMPs have made Talstar® their number one trusted brand of insecticides. With its broad label and dependable efficacy, Talstar Professional has been expertly formulated to help you get the job done right every time.

    Talstar Professional achieves long-lasting control of over 75 pests, including ants, termites, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, fleas and ticks. And with its flexible label, Talstar Professional is approved in multiple use-sites, so you can use it almost anywhere: indoors and out, in industrial, commercial and food-handling areas.

    See results. Not residue.

    Talstar Professional is water based, so it’s non-irritating and contains no odorous or plant-damaging solvents. Talstar Professional leaves no unsightly residues and causes no phytotoxicity. Once dry, it is virtually impossible to tell where Talstar Professional has been sprayed.

    Command Place Packs use the single-feed, second generation anticoagulant, bromadiolone, to provide excellent control in less time after a lethal dose is consumed. Gentrol Roach IGR 1pint contains the Insect Growth Regulator (S)-Hydroprene, which disrupts pests' normal growth pattern.
    Contrac All-Weather Blox Contrac Toss Bags x 174 16 lb. Brigand SB - Soft Bait Rodenticide
    Contrac Toss Bags x 174 16 lb.
    Our Price: $126.95
    Sale Price: $99.98
    You save $26.97!
    Brigand SB 18lbs Soft Bait
    Our Price: $153.80
    Sale Price: $119.00
    You save $34.80!
    CONTRACT All-Weather Blox is a multi-edged, single-feeding rat and mouse bait, manufactured by a unique extrusion process, that is unsurpassed in rodent acceptance and control.

    Contrac Toss Bags x 174 TB 16lb Brigand SB, a ready-to-use soft bait formulated

    Contrac Place Packs 291 x .88 Talon Weatherblox XT 16 lb. Contrac 25 lb. BULK Meal
    Contrac Place Packs 291 x .88
    Our Price: $161.52
    Sale Price: $119.00
    You save $42.52!
    Contrac 25 lb. BULK Meal
    Our Price: $120.47

    Contrac Pellet Packs. 291 place packs. Each place pack is .88 ounces.

    Contrac Meal in 25 lb. bulk pail

    Contrac 25 lb. BULK Pellets First Strike Soft Bait 16lb Talon G Place Packs. 300 place packs. Each place pack is 25 grams.
    Contrac Pellets in 25 lb. bulk pail

    This soft bait rodenticide is designed for the quality-minded PMP. Talon-G is scientifically proven to deliver the fastest knockdown for rats and mice. This unique mini-pellet formulation is preferred by pest control professionals for its high acceptance, superior efficacy and broad use label. Talon-G only requires a low dosage of the anticoagulant brodificoum, which often eliminates the common problem of bait shyness.
    Contrac Soft Bait
    Contrac Soft Bait
    Our Price: $169.99
    It features a unique oil-based formula with an excellent blend of saturated and unsaturated fats, together with a comprehensive manufacturing process which guarantees maximum contact of the soft bait to the sachet to help increase bait acceptance.