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Pomelia Plumeria Odor Eliminator SX Mouse Station (10pack)
Our Price: $8.95
List Price: $12.50
SX Mouse Stations (10pack) $12.50
Pomelia Plumeria Odor Eliminator SX Mouse Bait Station (10pack)
Neutralizes Chemical Odors
Destroys odors caused by Decomposing Organic Matter
Highly durable and shock resistant, this tamper resistant locked mouse bait station is designed to allow you to bait mice safely and discreetly, in areas where children and non-target animals may be present.
  • Safest option when choosing to use rodenticides
  • Highly effective method for dealing with mouse infestations
  • Cleverly designed to exploit the inquisitive nature of mice
  • Chosen solution for pest control professionals
RodentStop FOAM Fresh Odor Control
Our Price: $19.90
Our Price: $21.53
RodentStop Animal Friendly Barrier Paste FOAM Fresh Odor Control
Odor elimination
The versatility and flexibility of RodentStop make it ideal foruse in a wide range of locations, It can be effectviley incorporated into both new and existing buildings and is particularly well suited to hygeine sensitive areas such as food manufacturing and preparation facilities. Bio-Remedial Odor Control Foam
JT Eaton STICK-EM 4 Mouse Glue Traps Case
Our Price: $42.42
JTEaton STICK-EM 2 Mouse Glue Traps 24 Packs
96 Glue Traps in Case.  One Case of 24 - 4packs.  JT Eaton STICK-EM 4 MOUSE GLUE TRAPS.