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ExciteR 6% Pyrethrin Insecticide Concentrate - 1 ounce Vile 1 Gallon Plastic Chapin Sprayer B&G Multi Purpose Sprayer
1 Gallon Plastic Chapin Sprayer
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Our Price: $24.95
ExciteR Insecticide is for the control ants, armyworms, billbug, chiggers, chinch bug, cricket, cutworm, earwig, fleas, lice, grasshopper, japanese beetle, mole cricket, sod webworm, ticks, turfgrass weevil and flying insects. This lightweight and portable CHAPIN handheld sprayer can handle a variety of chores making life a little easier and saving you valuable time. Help manage and treat commercial and residential lawns and green areas with fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides. Multi purpose Sprayer
Used to Eliminate:
  • Bedbugs,
  • Roaches,
  • Fleas,
  • Ants,
  • Spiders and many others.
Easy to use for Do It Yourself Customers.
B & G 1 Gallon Prime Line Sprayer

The Professionals Choice for over 50 Years

All new dripfree packing on our ExtendaBan Valves.

Positive Tip Shut-off . NO DRIP

Heavy Duty Construction - Built to last.

Unique "Carpet Protector" bottom ring. Spare parts storage inside of ring.

Clip designs include a tool holder for bait guns and other belt mounted tools.

Built-in straw holder.

The protectors are easily removed for cleaning and provide the utmost in protection.

Over 70 different models available for all applications.