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SilenTrap Glue Board 2pk
Replacement Glue Board Silent Trap Natural Catch Fruit Fly Trap Kills Bedbugs
  • Insects are trapped on the long - lasting adhesive coating
  • Easy trap replacement, when the glue board is full; simply slide it out, discard and replace with a clean board
  • Glue boards should be replaced every 30 days or when full
  • Non-toxic and safe, no pesticides used
  • Refill pack contains 2 glue boards

Natural Catch Fruit Fly Trap is a safe, non-toxic, and easy to use trap and lure for fast effective control of fruit flies. It fits discreetly into your fruit bowl on your counter top or anywhere fruit flies are a problem.

Provides effective control for 30 days or more with two traps in every pack safe and effective product to catch fruit flies. lasts approx. 30 days

JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs- 7 oz Powder

JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs and Crawling Insects Powder contains Diatomaceous Earth which kills:
  • Bed Bugs,
  • Ants,
  • Cockroaches,
  • Crickets,
  • Fleas,
  • Ticks and other Insects listed on the label.

Viper Total Release Fogger Bomb Year-Round Spray Oil, Organic gardening, fruit Pomelia Plumeria Odor Eliminator
Year-Round Spray Oil Pt
Our Price: $8.38
Viper Total Release Fogger is a great knockdown of all exposed insects. (Can only be sold in the states of IL, MD, VA) Versatile plant protection without the use of synthetic toxins Neutralizes Chemical Odors
Destroys odors caused by Decomposing Organic Matter
ExciteR 6% Pyrethrin Insecticide Concentrate - 1 ounce Vile Permethrin,Permacide, P-1, Bed Bugs, bedbugs Insect Treatment Gear & Clothing Coleman
ExciteR Insecticide is for the control ants, armyworms, billbug, chiggers, chinch bug, cricket, cutworm, earwig, fleas, lice, grasshopper, japanese beetle, mole cricket, sod webworm, ticks, turfgrass weevil and flying insects.
  • Bed bugs are a thing of the past with this safe and effective product
  • Use anywhere bed bugs are found
  • Also kills fleas, lice and other listed insects on contact
  • Protects for up to four weeks
  • Safe for use on upholstery and fabric
Repels West Nile and Zika carrying mosquitoes. Also kills and repels flies, gnats, wasp and other mosquitoes.
Kills Bedbugs, Ticks & Mosquitoes Viper Drain Gel Enzyme Drain Cleaner - Quart EcoPCO D-X
Viper Drain Gel - Quart
Our Price: $9.95
Our Price: $9.95
Kills Bedbugs, Ticks & Mosquitoes
Repels mosquitoes that may carry and transmit the Zika Virus
Protects travel luggage from "pick-up" of bed bugs, and other listed pests
For control of ticks which may carry Lyme Disease
Eliminate Drain Flies along with their food sources with Drain Gel. Crawling: Ants, bed bugs, carpet beetles, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, darkling beetles, earwigs, hide beetles, earwigs, fire ants/silverfish, fleas, millipedes, snowbugs/pillbugs, spiders, scorpions, and other indoor insect pests.
Flying: wasps, yellow jackets, and other stinging insects.
Lights Out, Bed Bugs, bedbugs, RTU, non-toxic, Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait SureKill Dia-Py Insecticide Dust 8 oz
LIGHTS OUT is a water-based pesticide developed especially to control bed bugs. When applied as directed on the labeling, Lights Out will kill bed bugs on contact New Maxforce® FC Magnum is the most powerful cockroach bait gel ever. Whether cockroaches eat it, touch it or share it, Maxforce FC Magnum kills more roaches faster than any other single product.

Maxforce Roach Killer Bait Gels has USDA authorization for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. What's more, you can use Maxforce Gel in residential food processing areas without covering food preparation surfaces during treatment. It's also fine to use in occupied rooms of hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities.
SureKill® Dia-Py Insecticide Dust is a diatomaceous earth dust impregnated with pyrethrin and PBO to provide quick knockdown and kill with a long lasting residual. The dust controls most crawling insects, including bed bugs when used as a crack and crevice treatment, in food handling facilities, stored product, residential, commercial, agricultural and other sites as listed.
Viper Industrial Flush 12 oz Demon WP - 4 Pack Drain Gel Enzyme Drain Cleaner - Quart
Viper Aerosol is the industry's best-selling flushing & contact insecticide. Viper Aerosol's formulation provides an extra-fast knockdown and kill of the most common pests (see more info below), and is safe enough to use in food handling areas. (12 oz. can).
(Can only be sold in the states of IL, MD, VA)

Demon WP used by more Pest Control Operators than any other product. It contains 35.6% Cypermethrin (pyrethroid) as its active ingredient, and is supplied in a pack of 4 water soluble sachets.

When it comes to controlling cockroaches and spiders, nothing beats the surefire dependability of Demon® WP. With its convenient packaging and easy-to-mix formula, Demon WP provides quick knockdown and long lasting residual activity on a variety of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Demon WP is also labeled for the control of more than 30 other pests.

Product Highlights:

  • Industry leader for superior clean-out in residential and commercial no-food handling areas.
  • Convenient packaging types include a 1 lb jar with scoop for easy measuring, as well as water soluble packets that eliminate measuring altogether, by quickly dissolving in water to create a ready-to-apply solution.
  • • Advanced pyrethroid chemistry achieves quick knockdown and long lasting residual activity on a variety of surfaces.
  • • Effectively controls over 30 pests, including cockroaches, spiders, ants, flies, hornets, wasps and bees.
  • For use in and around buildings and as a crack and crevise spray

Eliminate Drain Flies along with their food sources with Drain Gel.
Year-Round Spray Oil, Organic gardening, fruit Eaton Bedbug Aerosol Steri-Fab Insecticide/Sanitizer - Pint
Year-Round Spray Oil Qt
Our Price: $14.08
Eaton Bedbug Aerosol
Our Price: $14.50
Versatile plant protection without the use of synthetic toxins Eaton Bedbug Aerosol is a ready to use liquid in an aerosol can.  It kills many more insects than just bedbugs. Steri-Fab Pint is a ready to use liquid that is labeled for application on mattresses, upholstered furniture and sofas.
Ramik 4 lb. Bars Eco PCO ARX Apicide
Ramik 4 lb. Bars
Our Price: $14.95
Ramik 4 lb Bars Formulated with botanical active ingredients, EcoPCO® AR-X is a contact aerosol insecticide ideal for sensitive accounts. A “green” pest control product, this non-staining and unscented pyrethrin spray controls a broad spectrum of insect pests. Zoëcon’s EcoPCO® AR-X Multi-Purpose Insecticide is an aerosol formulation derived from essential oils, allowing for flexible application. Apicide is effective for treating bees, wasps, and hornets in wall voids. The entrance where the bees are entering, whether is be a hornets nest entrance or the entrance to a wall, can be dusted. The bees track this dust deep inside the nest killing the bees as they brush up against the "infested" bee or as the bees groom each other, etc.
Apicide is a 5% carbaryl (Sevin) dust in a ready-to-use applicator canister with a 6" extension straw for pinpoint and effective elimination of honey bees, carpenter bees and wasps including yellowjackets and hornets.
Ramik Green 4 pound bag Permacide Concentrate Pt Critter Ridder
Ramik Green 4 pound bag
Our Price: $17.95
Permacide Concentrate Pt
Our Price: $17.95
Critter Ridder
Our Price: $18.50
Ramik Green 4 Pound Bag
Permacide Concentrate Pt - Permethrin Critter Ridder
1 Gallon Plastic Chapin Sprayer FOAM Fresh Odor Control
Odor elimination Eco Adjuvant
1 Gallon Plastic Chapin Sprayer
Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $18.50
You save $6.45!
FOAM Fresh Odor Control
Our Price: $19.54
Eco Adjuvant
Our Price: $19.95
This lightweight and portable CHAPIN handheld sprayer can handle a variety of chores making life a little easier and saving you valuable time. Help manage and treat commercial and residential lawns and green areas with fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides. Bio-Remedial Odor Control Foam