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Demand-G Insecticide Granules - 25 lb Eco EXEMPT G Insecticide Granules - 22 lb
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Demand-G Insecticide Granules - 25 lb EcoEXEMPT G 22lbs Granules
From the makers of Demand CS comes a new granular insecticide for your lawn--Demand G. Labeled for lawn, landscape, and perimeter use, Demand G is an innovative granular insecticide that provides powerful protection against nearly 30 species of pests (including ants, beetles, mole crickets, earwigs, firebrats, millipedes, mites, silverfish, chinch bugs and more). When used outside, Demand G Granules form a barrier of protection against unwanted pests around your home. It is an ideal product for windy or rainy days when spray or liquid formulas would be rendered ineffective by weather conditions. Granule perimeter treatments are typically applied in a band of up to five feet wide around the house and can be applied to soil, ornamental plants, mulch, and lawn. Once Demand is applied, its active ingredient—lambda-cyhalothrin— begins working to disrupt the nervous system of any pest that comes in contact with it in just minutes. After the first use, you should not see traces of your target pest for several months. However reapplication may be necessary depending on the severity of the problem, climate, and other factors. 25 lb bag. EcoEXEMPT G granules are an enviromentally friendly outdoor granular insecticide. EcoEXEMPT granules are derived from essential plant oils. It is a minimum risk product and thus EcoEXEMPT G is perfect for use around the home, schools, restaurants, and anywhere else where pesticide are a concern.