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Catchmaster, 924, Fly Light Replacement, Glue Board Catchmaster 925 Fly Light Replacement Glue Board Catchmaster Goldstick Fly Trap 912 - 12 inch
Catchmaster 924, Glue Board for 901 Fly Light

The unique patented design of this 12" fly trap allows the user to tear away a perforated sectin of the box to expose the trap while retaining the decorative and discreet outer box. the trap can then be placed so that the unsightly trapped insects are hidden from view.

Fruit Fly Glue Board Bedbug Climb Up Trap Victor Yellow Jacket & Flying Insect Trap
Fruit Fly Monitoring Glue Boards have a fruity aroma that fruit fly's can't resist.  Safe for residential, commercial and restaurants. Bedbugs will never make it to your mattress if they have to go through the Bedbug Climb Up Trap. Bedbug trap and monitor fits easily under bed legs to "intercept" bedbugs before they reach the safety of the mattress.

An effective, versatile and non-poisonous trap that can be used to lure a variety of flying insects such as flies, yellow jackets, and fruit flies. Through a special design and various baits, insects fly into holes at the top of the bottle and are unable to escape.
Pantry Trap IMM Trap - 2 pack Clothes Moth Traps 2pk Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Trap - 24"
Clothes Moth Traps 2pk
Our Price: $4.99
Pantry Trap IMM Trap - 2 pack Eliminate clothes moth infestations in textile storage areas such as closets, dressers, attics, or wherever you need to prevent moths from feeding on natural fibers like wool and silk. Each Catchmaster® Clothes Moth Trap includes a highly-effective odorless pheromone attractant. Use these traps to control infestations, or to detect new moth activity.

Fly Stick. Mulit-Bait fly attractant. Gold color proven to draw flies to stick. Great for barns, stables and garages. The reflective properties of the metallic surface causes an open window of light effect.

Gold Fly Trap Specifications:

  • Size: 24 in. Height; 2.5 in. Width
  • Applications: Great for Barns, Stables and Garages
  • Includes Bait
288-I Insect Monitors - 10 pack Natural Catch Fruit Fly Trap Insect Guard
Prozap Insect Guard
Our Price: $12.95
288-I Insect Monitors - 10 pack

Natural Catch Fruit Fly Trap is a safe, non-toxic, and easy to use trap and lure for fast effective control of fruit flies. It fits discreetly into your fruit bowl on your counter top or anywhere fruit flies are a problem.

Provides effective control for approximately 30 days with two traps in every place, safe and effective product to catch fruit flies.

The Prozap Insect Guard kills and repels insects, mosquitos, flies and wasps. It treats up to 1200 cubic ft.  Just hang in any indoor area where insects are a problem.  Contains DDVP (Vapona). Use Prozap in homes, offices, farm buildings and other areas. Time release action lasts up to 4 months.  Safe for use around humans and pets.
Lo-Line Roach Pheromone Trap/Monitor - 10 pack Storeguard IMM Pheromone Traps - 6/box Luralite Centuro Fly Light Trap

The Lo-Line Cockroach Trap is a scientifically-designed sticky trap which is pesticide-free and non-toxic. The low-profile traps contain angled entry ramps for mass-trapping most domestic cockroach species, an attractant composed of permitted food ingredients is included in the glue's sticky surface. .

Lo-Line Cockroach Traps Feature:

  • Pesticide-free
  • Non-toxic Suitable for use in sensitive areas and for sensitive noses Discreet and slide easily under furniture and equipment Environmentally-safe Easily disposable with no mess, no fus
Storeguard IMM Pheromone Traps - 6/box Luralite-Centuro Fly Light Trap