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066-101   1 Gallon Plastic Chapin Sprayer
012-142-BELL-RTU-MSE-BS-12/BOX   12 Bell RTU Mouse Bait Stations Case
012-907-EATON-MSE-BS-GK-907Cse   12 Gold Key Mouse Bait Station (Case)
012-119-Case-EATON-RAT-BS-901   24 Plastic Rat Bait Station (Case)
009-777-DEET25-Insect-Repellen   25% DEET Insect Repellent Coleman
011-145-INSECT-MONITORS-288I   288-I Insect Monitors - 10 pack (30 Monitors)
009-400-DEET40-Insect-Repellen   40% DEET Insect Repellent Coleman
012-118-EATON-MSE-BS-Case-909   50 Plastic Mouse Bait Station (Case)
012-141-BELL-RAT-BS   6 Bell Protecta Rat Bait Station
011-040Case   96 Traps JT Eaton Mouse Traps with Expanded Trigger
009-101-DEET98-INSECT-REPELLE   98% DEET Insect Repellent Coleman
007-965-ADVANCE-C-ANT-GRAN-8OZ   Advance Granule Carpenter Ant Bait - 8 oz
007-433-ADVION-CART-ANT   Advion Ant Bait Cartridge - 4pack
007-430-ADVION-STAT-ANT   Advion Ant Bait Stations - 30/bag
007-400   Advion Roach Bait Cartridge - 4pack
007-460-ADVION-STAT-RCH   Advion Roach Bait Stations - 60/bag
003-177-ALPINE-WSG-1LBS   Alpine WSG - 1 LBS
003-177-ALPINE-WSG-200GRAMS   Alpine WSG - 200 grams
003-812-APICIDE-10oz   Apicide Insecticide Dust - 10 oz
003-856-APICIDE-6LB   Apicide Insecticide Dust - 6 lb
002-350-ARCHER-PT   Archer IGR Concentrate - Pint
003-777-Arilon   Arilon Inseticide Syngenta
007-140-AVERT-DRY   Avert Dry Flowable Roach Bait
020-150-BG-SPRAY-TANK-N124S   B & G 1 Gallon Prime Line Sprayer - N124S
021-117-BG-LG-HAND-DUSTER   B&G Large Hand Duster Applicator for Dusts and Powders - #1152A
021-115-BG-MINI-HAND-DUSTER   B&G Mini Duster Dust and Powder Applicator - #1151
005-950-BEDLAM   Bedlam Bedbug Spray - 17 oz
005-951-Bedlam-Plus   Bedlam Plus
055-899-BEEKEEPER-HAT-VEIL   Beekeeper Hat/Veil Combo
012-146-BELL-LP-RAT-BS   Bell Protecta LP "Low Profile" Rat Bait Station
012-141-BELL-Protecta-Rat   Bell Protecta Rat Bait Station
040-805-BBG-BIRD-SPIKES   Bird Spikes Stainless Steel Spikes - 2' x 5"
003-625-BORIC-ACID-25LB   Boric Acid Insecticide - 25 lb
010-182   Brigand SB 18lbs Soft Bait
021-100-BULB-DUSTER-14OZ   Bulb Duster - 14 oz
021-102-BULB-DUSTER-4OZ   Bulb Duster - 4 oz
011-048Case   Case of 12 Traps JT Eaton White Clear Top Little Pete
011-047Case   Case of 12 Traps JT Eaton White Little Pete
011-149Case-APG-150MBGL   Catchmaster 150MBGL Case (150 Pieces) Mouse and Insect Glue Board
011-149-APG-150MBGL-20PK   Catchmaster 150MBGL Mouse and Insect Glue Board - 20 pack
011-143Case-APG-24GRB-MAXCATCH   Catchmaster 24GRB Case (24 each) 18" x 10"
011-160   Catchmaster 48R Rat Glue Board 5" x 10" - 1 pair
011-160Case-APG-48R-GLUE-BOARD   Catchmaster 48R Rat Glue Board Case 5" x 10" - 24 pair
011-170Case-APG-60RB   Catchmaster 60RB Case (60 peices) Rat Glue Board
011-170-APG-60RB   Catchmaster 60RB Rat Glue Board
011-142Case-APG-72mb- (72pk)   Catchmaster 72mb Case (72 Pieces) Mouse and Insect Glue Board
011-142-APG-72MB-10PK   Catchmaster 72MB Mouse and Insect Glue Board - 10 pack
011-222Case-APG-72TC--(72pk)   Catchmaster 72TC Case (72 Pieces) Mouse and Insect Glue Board
006-501-APG-924-FLY-BOARD   Catchmaster 924 Fly Light Replacement Glue Board - 4.5" x 17"
006-502-APG-925-FLY-BOARD   Catchmaster 925 Fly Light Replacement Glue Board - 7.75" x 17"
013-100-APG-BULK-GLUE-GAL   Catchmaster Bulk Glue - Gallon
004-130-GOLDSTICK-12INCH   Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Trap - 12"
004-131-GOLDSTICK-24INCH   Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Trap - 24"
011-123-APG-TIN-CAT   Catchmaster Multicatch "Tin Cat Clear Top" Mouse Trap
025-500-CB-D-FORCE   CB D-Force HPX Residual with Deltamethrin - 14 oz
025-181-CB-80   CB-80 Insecticide Aerosol
020-197-CHAPIN-SPRAYER-1GAL   Chapin Premier Tri-poxy Steel Sprayer - 1G/3.8L
020-195-CHAPIN-SPRAYER-2GAL   Chapin Premier Tri-poxy Steel Sprayer - 2G/7.6L
020-300-CHAPIN-SPRAYER-3GAL   Chapin Premier Tri-poxy Steel Sprayer - 3G/11.4L
003-504-Cimexa-4-oz   Cimexa 4 oz
037-444-Citronella-Candle-70Hr   Citronella Candle 70 hours Coleman
004-200-CLIMBUP-BEDBUG-TRAPS   ClimbUp Trap and Interceptor BedBugs (Sold Individually)
011-134   Coarse Steel Wool - 16 pads
037-006-Coleman-Gear-Clothing   Coleman Insect Treatment Gear & Clothing
002-229-CONQUER-PT   Conquer Insecticide Concentrate - Pint
010-168   Contrac 25 lb. BULK Meal
010-169   Contrac 25 lb. BULK Pellets
010-174   Contrac All-Weather Blox - 18 lb
010-291-Contrac291x0.88   Contrac Place Packs 291 x .88
010-103   Contrac Toss Bags x 174 16 lb.
010-106   Contrac Toss Bags x 174 Meal Packets 16 lb.
040-162-Critter-Ridder   Critter Ridder
002-506-CY-KICK-PT   Cy-Kick CS Insecticide Concentrate - Pint
002-393-CYNOFF-QT   Cynoff EC Insecticide Concentrate - Quart
040-200-Deer-Ban   Deer Ban
009-406-DEET-FREE-REPELLENT   Deet Free Insect Repellent Skin Smart
003-616-DELTA-DUST-1LB   Delta Dust Insecticide - 1 lb
002-398-DEMANDCS-8OZ   Demand CS Insecticide Concentrate - 8 oz
002-396-DEMANDCS-QT   Demand CS Insecticide Concentrate - Quart
037-700-DEMAND-GRANULES   Demand-G Insecticide Granules - 25 lb
003-160-DEMON-WP-PACKETS   Demon WP Insecticide Concentrate - 4 Pack
025-517-DOS-Flea-Spray   DOS Flea Spray
001-328   Drain Gel Enzyme Drain Cleaner - Gallon
001-332   Drain Gel Enzyme Drain Cleaner - Quart
003-115-DRIONE-1LB   Drione Insecticide Dust - 1 lb
010-756   Eaton 2G Bait Blox 16 lb
005-217-Eaton-Bedbug-Aerosol   Eaton Bedbug Aerosol
010-750   Eaton Top Gun Blox 4 lb
011-425-EATON-WIND-UP   Eaton Wind-Up Live Catch Mouse Trap
040-120-EATON-CAULK   Eaton's 4 The Birds Bird Repellent Caulk - 10 oz
002-751-Eco-Adjuvant   Eco Adjuvant
037-125-ECO-EXEMPT-GRANULES   Eco EXEMPT G Insecticide Granules - 22 lb
002-750-ECO-EXEMPT-IC-GAL   ECO Exempt IC2 Insecticide Concentrate - Gallon
005-666-ECO-PCO-ACU   Eco PCO ACU Contact Insecticide - 17 oz
005-699-ECO-PCO-ARX   Eco PCO ARX Multi-Purpose Residual Insecticide - 17 oz
003-371-ECO-DX-10OZ   EcoPCO® D•X – Dust Insecticide - 10 oz
011-601-EATON-ELEPHANT-BOARD   Elephant Glue Board - 12.5" x 10.5" - 2 pack
011-601Case-ELEPHANT-BOARD   Elephant Glue Board Case (12 pair) - 12.5" x 10.5" - 2 pack
006-020-End-Zone   EndZone Insecticide Sticker
027-126-Eradicator   Eradicator Multi-Purpose Insect Spray
002-353-EXCITER-PT   ExciteR 6% Pyrethrin Insecticide Concentrate - Pint
056-250-DISPOSABLE-GLOVES-xlg   Extra Large Disposable Vinyl Gloves - 100/box
010-918-FINAL-BLOX-18LB   Final All-Weather Blox - 18 lb
006-225-FLYWEB-FLYLITE   Fly Web Lighted Fly Trap
001-990   FOAM Fresh Odor Control
030-500-FOGMASTER-FOG-MACHINE   Fogmaster Tri-Jet Fogging Machine
011-151-APG-FRUIT-FLY-BRD-10PK   Fruit Fly Glue Boards 5" x 8" - 10 pack
002-346-GENTROL-10PK   Gentrol IGR Concentrate - 10 x 1 oz Bottles
002-347-GENTROL-PT   Gentrol IGR Concentrate - Pint
005-900-GENTROL-AEROSOL   Gentrol® IGR Aerosol - 16 oz
010-139-GIANT-DESTROYER   Giant Destroyer Cartridges - 4 x 10 oz
012-907-EATON-MSE-BS-GK-907   Gold Key Mouse Bait Station 1 each
012-904-EATON-RAT-BS-GK-904   Gold Key Rat Bait Station
007-600-Gourmet-Ant-6pk   Gourmet Ant Bait 6pk
007-600-GOURMET-ANT-GEL   Gourmet Ant Gel Cartridge
007-606-Gourmet-Ant-Stations   Gourmet Ant with 4 Stations
011-300-HAVAHART-SML-CAGE   Havahart #0745 One Door Chipmunk Trap
011-301-HAVAHART-MED-CAGE   Havahart #1078 Rabbit and Squirrel Trap
011-384-HAVAHART-EZ-MED-CAGE   Havahart #1084 Easy Set Squirrel Trap
011-305-HAVAHART-LG-CAGE   Havahart 1079 Raccoon Trap
022-700-PLASTIC-BLUE-BAIT-GUN   Insect Bait Applicator Gun
006-001-INSECT-KILLER-BULB   Insect Killer Zapper Light Bulb
009-700-Insect-Repellent-Band   Insect Repellent Snap Band Coleman
002-808-INSECTRIN-8OZ   Insectrin-X Insecticide Concentrate - 8 oz
025-256-CB-INVADER   Invader Residual with Propoxur - 14 oz
011-409-EATON-JAWZ-MSE   Jawz Easy Set Mouse Trap
011-410-EATON-JAWZ-RAT   Jawz Easy Set Rat Trap
011-023   JT Eaton STICK-EM 4 Mouse Glue Traps Case
011-048Each   JT Eaton White Clear Top Little Pete 1 Traps
011-047Each   JT Eaton White Little Pete 1 Traps
003-204-Kills-Bedbugs-pdw-4lb   Kills Bedbugs 4lb powder
003-203-KILLSBEDBUGS-POWDER7oz   Kills Bedbugs 7 oz Powder
001-277   Kills Bedbugs II - gallon
001-206   Kills Bedbugs II spray 6 oz
001-207   Kills Bedbugs II with Trigger Applicator - Quart
001-209   Kills Bedbugs, Ticks & Mosquitoes
001-446   Lights Out Bed Bug RTU Gallon
001-444   Lights Out Bed Bug RTU Qt
015-108-LIQUA-TOX   Liqua-Tox II (8 pack)
015-100-LIQUA-TOX-DISPENSER   Liquid Bait Dispenser for Liqua-Tox - 8 oz
004-695-LOLINE-RCH-TRAP-10PK   Lo-Line RoachTrap/Monitor - 10 pack
006-800-Luralite-Centuro   Luralite-Centuro Fly Light Trap
055-800-BEEKEEPER-SUIT   Master Beekeeper Suit with Hat & Veil - XL
007-106-MAXFORCE-CART-ANT   Maxforce Ant Bait Cartridge - 4/box
007-111-MAXFORCE-STAT-ANT   Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations - 24 pack
007-000-MAXFORCE-MAGNUM   Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait Cartridge with Plunger
007-103-MAXFORCE-3PK   Maxforce FC Roach Bait 60 gram - 3/box
007-101-MAXFORCE-CART-RCH   Maxforce FC Roach Bait Cartridges - 4/box
007-110-MAXFORCE-STAT-RCH   Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations - 72 pack
007-105-MAXFORCE-SELECT   Maxforce FC Select Roach Bait Cartridges - 4/box
007-869-MAXFORCE-FLY-SPOT-PACK   Maxforce Fly Spot Fly Bait Concentrate - 4 oz
007-805 MAXFORCE-FLY-BAIT-5LB   Maxforce Granule Fly Bait - 5 lb
007-848   Maxforce Insect Granules 8oz
008-134-Mistocide-Fogging-Gal.   Mistocide Fogging Gallon
040-674-MOSQUITO-COILS-HOLDER   Mosquito Coils and Burner
037-800-MOSQUITO-DUNKS-20PK   Mosquito Dunks - 20 pack
037-801-MOSQUITO-DUNKS-6PK   Mosquito Dunks - 6 pack
004-950-NATURAL-CATCH   Natural Catch Fruit Fly Trap
005-350-No-Bite-IGR-Fogger   No Bite IGR House Fogger 3pk
007-222-Optiguard-Ant   Optiguard Ant
004-812-APG-MOTH-TRAP   Pantry Trap IMM Trap - 2 pack
010-704   Peanut Butter Bait Blocks - 4 lb
010-719   Peanut Butter Bait Blocks - 9 lb
005-500-PENETRATING-OIL   Penetrating Oil Lubricant - 13 oz
002-932-Permacide-Const.-Pt.   Permacide Concentrate Pt
001-411   Permacide P-1 Kills Bedbugs Qt
001-400   Permacide P-1 Kills Bedbugs RTU Gallon
008-120-FOGGING-PF   PF 0.5% Pyrethrin Fogging Liquid - Gallon
002-122   Phantom Insecticide/Termiticide Concentrate - 21 oz
009-103-PIC-DEET-PUMP   Pic 100% Deet Insect Repellent - 1 oz
003-136-PIC-BORIC-ACID-1LB   Pic Boric Acid Roach Killer III - 1 lb
009-102-PIC-BITE-RELIEF   Pic Insect Bite Relief Stick
011-200-BIRD-TRAP-PIGEON   Pigeon & Similar Size Bird Trap
012-118-EATON-MSE-BS-909   Plastic Mouse Bait Station
012-124-EATON-MSE-BS-905   Plastic Mouse Bait Stations - 24/box
012-119-EATON-RAT-BS-901   Plastic Rat Bait Station
001-426   Pomelia Plumeria Odor Eliminator
002-372-PRECOR-10PK   Precor IGR Concentrate - 10 x 1 oz Bottles
002-373-PRECOR-PT   Precor IGR Concentrate - Pint
002-240-Premise-II   Premise II 8.12oz
021-109-PRO-BLO-DUSTER   Professional "Pro Blo" Duster - 8 oz
004-500-INSECT-GUARD   Prozap Insect Guard
025-109-WASP-FREEZE   PT-515 Wasp Freeze - 12 oz
010-117   Ramik 4 lb. Bars
010-110   Ramik 4 lb. Mini Bars
010-120   Ramik 45 pc Toss Bags 4 lb.
010-114-Ramik-4PoundBag   Ramik Green 4 pound bag
010-115-RAMIK-TB-PL-60   Ramik Green Bait Packs - 60 x 4 oz
011-143-APG-24GRB-MAXCATCH   Rodent Glue Board 24GRB - 18" x 10"
013-500   RodentStop
055-801 BEEKEEPER-VEIL   Round Veil with Elastic & String Tie Down
006-905   SilenTrap Glue Board 2pk
012-146-BELL-LP-CASE-RAT-BS   Six Bell Protecta LP Rat Bait Station (Case)
012-904-Case-EATON-RAT-BS-GK   Six Gold Key Rat Bait Station (One Case)
040-151-SNAKE-A-WAY-1.75LB   Snake-A-Way Snake Repellent - 1.75 lb
040-150-SNAKE-A-WAY-4LB   Snake-A-Way Snake Repellent - 4 lb
001-811   Steri Fab Insecticide/Sanitizer - Gallon

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